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The most common cause for uric acid stone formation are the kidneys' inability to excrete acid, resulting in the urine becoming too acidic  Since uric acid is found in meat products, you may be asked to limit intake of these foods.  Uric acid is produced during the breaking of purines which are found in human body tissue.  Foods that contain purines include: beans, peas, and liver.  Purines are found in alcoholic beverages such as red wine.  So it is important to limit consumption of red wine too along with the meat products.

At the current time, uric acid stones is the only type of stone that can be dissolved with prescription medication.  Depending upon your stone burden situation, your doctor may prescribe potassium citrate, or sodium bicarbonate.  These medications are used to raise the urinary to about 7.0 to dissolve the stone.  People with a low urinary PH usually around 5.0 are also at a higher risk for forming a uric acid stone.









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