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If you have had a kidney stone before, chances are high that they will form again.  In order to reduce risk of forming another stone, doctors suggest drinking enough water to produce 1-3 liters of urine each day or eight 8 ounce glasses of water.  The color of urine should be light yellow or diluted.   But it is normal for urine to be concentrated or dark yellow when passing urine first thing in the morning.  When the urine is clear it is hard for kidney stones to form, because it is easier for the excess waste products to dissolve.

What I usually do is sip water throughout the day, before work and during work.  Then in the evening, I speed drink water to keep my bladder flushing overnight.  some sources have had said that stones form at night due to the kidneys not working at the same rate they do during the day.

Studies also suggest that drinking  lemon juice made with fresh lemons may fend off the formation of kidney stones.  When made with fresh lemons, it helps to build up the acidity in the urine which in turn prohibits the stone particles from forming.  Moderate use of alcohol may also prohibit stone formation.  The alcohol is a diuretic which helps to keep the kidneys flushed. 











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