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Kidney stones are hard rock type masses that form in the kidney.  When stones stay in the kidney, it usually doesn't cause any pain.  However, when a stone moves starts to from the kidney, the patient will usually experience a great deal of pain.  The pain may range from a colicky shooting abdominal pain radiating through to the back in the kidney area where the stone is located  If you are experiencing pain like this you go to the nearest emergency room.

The emergency room staff may check for other problems to confirm the presence of a kidney stone.  Also you may be giving IV fluid for hydration and IV medication for pain.  In the past I have only had two visits to the emergency room for kidney stone episodes.  However the visits were a long, I was in the ER for five hours one night.  When I was in there, I had the typical exams for appendicitis, and constipation.  Which was not a pleasant experience being that I knew I had a kidney stone all along.  Please check out the following pages on left hand side for detailed information about kidney stones.











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