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Calcium kidney stones is the most common type of stone for a person to form.  The kidneys normally remove the excess calcium from the blood that passes during urination.  However, sometimes this process fails, because the urine becomes too concentrated.  When this happens the excess calcium stays in the urinary system and sometimes binds together with either oxalate or phosphate which begins to form tiny crystals that eventually grow big enough to become a stone in the kidney.

In the event of calcium stone production, you may be asked to cut back on eating certain foods with high levels of oxalate.  These foods include: cola drinks, chocolate, nuts, rhubarb and spinach.  However, I would advising talking to your doctor before making any dietary changes.

As far as calcium and vitamin D supplements are concerned, there is different opinions on whether or not people with calcium stone disease should take calcium or Vitamin D supplements.  However, I read an article that suggested that increasing calcium intake through diet, may prevention future formation of calcium stones.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of the article or the author, so I am unable to cite the source.











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