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Kidney stones are one of most painful urologic conditions that exist.  However, it important to note that this website was created for informational purposes only, and should not be used to make a medical diagnoses.  If you think you are experiencing pain related to kidney stones, please contact your local hospital or healthcare provider.

It is also important to note that I am not a doctor.  I'm a patient that has been dealing with the kidney stone disease for about 10 years now.  The information on this website came from various websites on the Internet, books that I have read on kidney stones, as well as my own knowledge of this painful condition. 

With thousands of websites relating to kidney stones on the Internet these days, it is my goal to make this site up close and personal, as well as user friendly, and easy to use.  Lots of other websites will have the same information.  However I have plans to branch out and talk about stuff that other sites might leave out.

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